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Regarding your privacy, Aabhaa Herbal Care is private. Your contact information won’t be rented, sold, or given to any other business or outside parties. This information is exclusively gathered by Aabhaa Herbal Care in order to send our newsletter to your email address.

All data gathered about you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. By contacting us, you can request to be removed from any email list maintained by Aabhaa Herbal Care, and we will promptly comply with your request. The privacy of customers entrusted to Aabhaa Herbal Care is something we are dedicated to protecting. The guidelines and practices for privacy outlined in our privacy policy are meant to inform


you about the ways in which we gather, utilize, and disperse user data through our main public website.Other proprietary websites run or under the control of Aabhaa Herbal Care are likewise covered by this privacy statement. This privacy statement only applies to data collected by websites connected to Aabhaa Herbal Care.




Employees of Aabhaa Herbal Care may gather and handle personally identifiable information about you when you use this website. Generally speaking, the only data we gather is your name, mailing address, phone number, fax number, and email address. For business customers, we also gather the business name, address, and professional license details. Also, Aabhaa Herbal Care could


As part of the regular operation of our site, automatically gather or process personally identifiable information (such your IP address or domain name), or while you are using our site normally and engaging in your activities there. This data is almost always gathered, processed, or sent to the corporate office of Aabhaa Herbal Care in Mumbai, India. You give permission for such personal data to be collected, processed, transferred, and used by using our site. You should not use or stop using our site if you do not agree to the collection, processing, transfer, or use of such information.




Aabhaa Herbal Care will not trade, sell, or disclose any personally identifiable information about a user to a third party in an attempt to market goods or services to the user without the express consent of the user.It is possible, nevertheless, for Aabhaa Herbal Care to divulge information to a third party that helps us with a transaction, delivery, or service (like packaging, mailing, or delivering a purchase or information to you, or settling a credit card transaction, or gathering statistics about our offerings). If it becomes essential to pursue any legal action, Aabhaa Herbal Care may be forced to reveal information in response to a subpoena, a search warrant, or another legal procedure approved by a court of law. Furthermore, in reaction to illegal activity that we believe to be a violation, Aabhaa Herbal Care may divulge information to a third party that is helping us with an investigation of Aabhaa Herbal Care ’s rules for using our Site, or when circumstances reasonably dictate that we need to protect and defend the rights or property of Aabhaa Herbal Care.




The most up-to-date operational and technological security procedures are routinely implemented on our Site server by Aabhaa Herbal Care to safeguard personally identifiable information against loss, abuse, alteration, or inadvertent destruction. Although no security solution can be 100% guaranteed to prevent breach, Aabhaa Herbal Care constantly evaluates and improves its security protocols to try to offer adequate protection for all personally identifiable information that it has.




Aabhaa Herbal Care seeks to keep only correct data on our site’s visitors. You can get personal data collected on you by getting in touch with Aabhaa Herbal Care. You can access the personally identifiable information we maintain about your use of Aabhaa Herbal Care’s site or that you have given to Aabhaa Herbal Care via Aabhaa Herbal Care’s site by providing us with the necessary identification information. You can contact Aabhaa Herbal Care to report any factual errors, and we will take appropriate action.




Your personal information will not be kept by Aabhaa Herbal Care longer than is required for the purposes for which it was gathered.




Aabhaa Herbal Care is particularly concerned about protecting children’s privacy. According to Aabhaa Herbal Care’s policy, minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to send any personally identifiable information to the company’s website without parental or guardian approval. All parents and guardians are urged by Aabhaa Herbal Care to teach their kids how to utilize personally identifiable information on the Internet responsibly and safely. If Aabhaa Herbal Care obtains personally identifiable information from minors under the age of 18, it will not intentionally gather, use, or reveal.




“Cookies” may be used by Aabhaa Herbal Care in order to maintain the functionality of our website. Cookies are little data files that the website server of Aabhaa Herbal Care saves on your computer. Cookies are used for record-keeping, so when you visit the Aabhaa Herbal Care Site again, the server will be able to retrieve the information you stored on your computer. This enables Aabhaa Herbal Care to control how our site is used, personalize it for you, automate certain site functions (like login credentials), save online ordering data for purchases you make while using the site, and adjust the way the site looks and feels based on your interests or preferences.


Cookies are not used by Aabhaa Herbal Care to monitor user navigation patterns. The majority of the data we gather when you visit our site to read or download content is statistical in nature and cannot be used to identify you personally. Examples of such data include the domain you use to access the Internet, the time and date of your visit, and the Internet address of the website you visited directly before coming to our site. To improve the usability and appeal of our website for you, we compile statistics about the quantity of visitors and their usage.


Cookies are frequently utilized in e-commerce and are present on the majority of well-known websites. When a cookie is retrieved by the Aabhaa Herbal Care Site server, it will only contain the precise information that was stored into it. Cookies will not be used to transfer any other data to your computer. You can set your web browser to refuse cookies automatically or to notify you when a cookie is being used; but, some features of the Aabhaa Herbal Care Site might not work properly or might not allow you to access the content you want.




The Aabhaa Herbal CareTM Customer Service Department should receive any feedback or inquiries from all customers regarding our privacy policy.

 Changes to the Policy


This Privacy Policy may be updated, changed, or modified at any moment without prior notice by Aabhaa Herbal Care. We always let you know when the Privacy Policy was last updated by stating the date of the most recent version below.


The terms listed above are subject to change at any time. Please periodically check the terms of our policy by visiting this page to ensure that your interests are protected.


Please write us at for comments, questions, or complaints regarding this privacy policy


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