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Green Beauty

All of our products include 100% natural ingredients, made by hand, with care.


Even nowadays some cosmetic products are tested on animals. That is not the case for us.

Professional Care

All products we use are professional and have proven effeciency. No compromises.

Ayurvedic Formula

All our products are backed by the science of Ayurveda.

Good For Everybody

Suitable for all skin types, with special attention to sensitive skin.

Enduring Effects

Long-lasting efforts that eliminate the root cause of your hair & skin troubles.

Welcome to Aabhaveda

My husband’s hair had begun to thin during the lockdown around a year ago, and my kids had terrible acne and blackhead issues.

Furthermore, I had overdone the styling of my hair, which had damaged it. In order to try a dozen face creams, face masks, chemical peels, etc., we consulted dermatologists. We tried several hair serums, various oils, and washes for the hair. The majority of products didn’t work well; a small number did, but they didn’t work well for us because they had dangerous substances like alcohol, sulfur, and parabens.


I took matters into my own hands since I was fed up with looking for a workable answer and could not find one. I began experimenting in the kitchen with ingredients, starting with old recipes that my grandmother and mother had passed down to me. My objective was to make a product that would work well on my kids’ delicate skin and have a long-lasting effect.


After conducting extensive research and speaking with Ayurvedic specialists, I created a diet that would provide excellent outcomes for my family. As a mother, I tried these items on my skin first because I didn’t want to injure my family in any way. I told my family to give it a shot once I noticed the positive outcomes. They soon saw a remarkable transformation in their complexion and hair as well. This boosted my confidence, so I encouraged more friends and family to try my products. When they experienced noticeably better skin and hair as well, that’s when I made the decision to go public with my products.


My desire to use my goods to improve my family’s confidence and spirits gave birth to Aabhaveda. I now consider every one of my clients to be a member of my extended family, and I want to use my products to show them my love, care, and protection.

Our Vision

As a mother, the founder’s vision is to provide gentle nourishment and solutions for all skin, body and hair issues faced by everyone.

Care For All

Our aim is to provide solutions that cater to everyone, young or old; man, woman or other. If you have a skin or hair care problem, then we have a solution.

Ayurveda Solutions

Ayurveda is designed to suit every skin and hair type, address every skin and hair problem, and the ingredients work to suit you not the other way around!




A   Darji

Manisha A Darji – Founder & CEO


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